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Car Climate controls Close up of heating and air conditioning controls on a car dashboard

Annual servicing of your vehicles air con system can be beneficial in detecting problems such as leaks in the system and defective components thus maintaining efficiency throughout the year. Servicing can include:


•  Check of system pressures, vent

   temperatures and gas content analysis

•  Check functioning of all controls and air


•  Check condition of all pipes, fittings and


•  Check cooling fan operation

•  Check belt tension and condition

•  Check drain tubes for obstructions

•  Leak test system

•  Degas, measuring quantify extracted

•  Replace receiver dryer

•  Evacuate and recharge

•  Add leak dye to system

Air Conditioning Service Centre

As air conditioning specialists we provide a comprehensive vehicle air con service. This is provided by City & Guilds fully certified technicians using the latest technology and equipment to ensure that we comply with the latest EU legislation.

"Whilst I am no longer driving some 45,000 miles for my company which was involved in aircraft and aerospace engineering it is still relatively easy to recognise a technically sound and well run organisation when I see one!

I would like to express my appreciation for the work carried out on my car recently - many, many thanks."

Vincent Sudlow, Penhow

Also a large part of our air-con service centre deals with fault finding. Our ability to quickly analyse and accurately pinpoint problems in air-con and advanced climate control systems is well known and respected. Being able to draw on a range of parts and components from our direct links with all major UK air-con suppliers means we are able to carry out repairs without delay and in most cases are able to promptly resolve problems with systems.

Make sure you don't lose your cool! Let us help keep your air conditioning in perfect working order. Call us on: 01633 264 222