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A view of the rear of a car with head rest mounted DVD players A car radio control unit

Audio / Multimedia / Navigation

The modern car radio is not just a radio, many have features such as iPod, USB, SD card, Bluetooth phone and CD controls. There are two ways of showing TV or DVD including Playstation and X-Box to the rear passengers, either a drop down screen from the centre of the roof or screens mounted in the back of the headrests. The purpose of these is to entertain the passengers whilst not distracting the driver.

In-Car Accessories

TWA Autoelectrics can supply and install a complete range of in-car accessories and upgrades such as:

Car phone Solutions

“I took my Citroen to main dealer for a suspension problem. After a week they said that either they start dismantling the complete wiring loom or to take it to an independent auto electrics specialist. They even went as far as suggesting TWA Autoelectrics Newport.

After taking the car to TWA they found the problems within 3.5 hours!”

Steven Foukes, Cardiff

Most in-car hands free solutions have moved away from physical connections to mobile phones in favour of Bluetooth – the communications standard developed to ease the linking of electronic equipment, and now the preferred method of linking mobile phones to an in-car hands free device.


We can cater for all needs and budgets, from stand-alone solutions that use the existing audio system to completely seamless options that integrate into your vehicles’ steering controls. Please call our technicians who will recommend the best solution for your vehicle.

Parking Sensors & Cameras

Parking sensors work by an audible alert which gets more and more frequent the closer you get to an object. They can be fitted to the back and front bumper of nearly every vehicle and are flush to the bumper and sprayed to the colour of your car, they help to keep your pride ‘n’ joy as original looking as possible!


Not all vehicles suit parking sensors or certainly not on their own, that’s why we offer reversing cameras as well. Trying to park your 4x4 or motorhome using parking sensors alone could mean you miss seeing that bumper destroying bollard positioned ‘perfectly’ in the wrong place. Using a reversing camera is safer for your vehicle and those around you.

Navigation units usually have a DVD player, radio, iPod and Bluetooth facilities built in. Digital TV and parking cameras can also be added if desired. They can also dual task by feeding TV or DVD to rear screens for passengers to watch whilst the driver has navigation maps showing on the front screen and the radio playing.


Designs also vary dramatically so call in to our premises to discuss with our friendly staff who will help you come to a decision on what best suits your needs.


We can also repair and decode most makes of radio and in-car entertainment.

Parking sensors, cameras, car phones and much more! Call us to find out more, on:

01633 264 222