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Someone holding a central locking fob near their car Driver using a remote central locking fob

Are you worried about the security of your vehicle?

Our experienced technicians will be able to give advice on the best security product for you.

If your car, van or motorhome is not already fitted with central locking then we can install it. We install ‘slave motors’ into the doors and can connect to an alarm or remote locking device. Also, provided your vehicle is already fitted with central locking we can electronically wire into the system and operate it from a remote key fob to give you full remote locking. This can be done using a remote locking device kit or as part of a full alarm system.

Remote Central Locking Kits

Alarms & Immobilisers

Many insurers specify that you must have an alarm or immobiliser fitted and we can supply and install whatever category alarm/immobiliser you need. We will carefully match the alarm or immobiliser to your car and particular requirements with other optional security accessories available such as extra sensors, sirens, lights/LEDs and comfort features such as window closure and central locking.

These fall into two categories – Stolen vehicle trackers and fleet management systems.


Stolen vehicle recovery and tracking systems enable the vehicle to be located if it is moved illegally and the police are given minute by minute details of its location so there is a better chance it can be returned to you undamaged. For very high value vehicles there is a Cat 5 Thatcham system which immediately triggers the vehicle to be tracked even if the thief has your keys!


The fleet management systems enable the whereabouts of your vehicles to be shown on your computer so you can see their location and any other details you require, for example speed and journey start/finish times. This enables the vehicle to be managed in the most efficient way for your business, for example in the case of an urgent customer call you can see which vehicle is the nearest to satisfy your customer’s requirements.

Tracking Systems

“Thanking you once again for all your help on Monday in sorting out our alarms on our motorhome.”

Gordon & Christine Thomas, Newport

CCTV vehicle cameras record video, audio, acceleration & deceleration and left & right movement. These cameras have in-built GPS technology to provide automatic date/time setting and vehicle location along with vehicle speed which can be crucial to proving fault should your car be involved in a collision. Many insurers are now realising the benefits of vehicle CCTV and you may be entitled to a reduction in your insurance premium, they also enhance security for unattended vehicles and can help combat vandalism


Keep your vehicle safe, with alarms and immobilisers. Call us today to find out more: 01633 264 222