BMW M240i Audio Upgrade – Audison & Hertz

We recently had the pleasure of installing a complete Audison sound system on a lovely BMW M240i.

Due to our long-standing reputation, the customer travelled from Swansea to have us carry out the work.


Originally the car came with the ‘Base’ BMW system which didn’t even have tweeters in the doors.

We used a variety of components from @audison_official & @hertz_audio_official to create a powerful OEM-look sound system.



  • Audison Prima 4″ K4E 2-way Component Speakers for the front combined with new BMW tweeter grilles.
  • Audison Prima 4″ X4M Coaxial Speakers for the rear deck.
  • Audison Prima 8″ S8-4 Woofer Speakers under both front seats.
  • Audison AP8.9 bit 8 channel amplifier with a 9 channel Digital Signal Processor (DSP) built-in to power and tune all speakers and tune the external subwoofer in the boot.
  • Hertz Powersports HMP 1D Mono Amplifier for the subwoofer in the boot.
  • Audison Prima APBX 10DS 10″ sealed subwoofer for the boot.


For all audio enquiries please contact us.

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