TWA Autoelectrics are vehicle air-conditioning specialists, that provide a comprehensive vehicle air-conditioning service in Newport.


Our technicians are fully certified with qualifications from City & Guilds and the Institute of Motor Industry (IMI).

Not all air-conditioing problems can be solved with a ‘regas‘. Very often we have customers come to us and say “I’ve had my vehicle regassed, but my air-con still isn’t working


If this is the case for you then you will most likely need an Air-Conditioning Diagnostic Assessment.


How It Works:

  1. TWA will use specialist equipment to test for leaks within your system. This enables us to find the location of the fault.
  2. We will then contact you with what we have found and the repair procedure.
  3. Once authorised, we will then complete the repair to your air-con system followed by a regas, with the correct type and volume of gas, to ensure that your air-conditioning is now working correctly.

Air-Con Diagnosis

£ 90
  • Includes Leak Detection Dye & Oil
  • Includes Expert Technicians Labour

For all air-conditioning enquiries, including regas and air-con diagnostics, please complete the form below:

Hot & Cold

Using the latest technology and equipment, to ensure that we comply with the latest government legislation, we have both R134a and R1234yf gases available.


We have been specialising in R1234yf air-conditioning systems since its first introduction to UK vehicles. The early adoption of this by TWA has lead to many years of experience with modern air-con systems over our competitors.

R134a Regas

£ 90
  • Includes Leak Detection Dye & Oil

R1234yf Regas

£ 180
  • Includes Leak Detection Dye & Oil
Recent Work

Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo air-conditioning service and regas. Contact us for all your air-con needs!

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At TWA we believe in being open about our pricing, that’s why we display our hourly labour rate below:

Retail – £66 inc. VAT

Trade – £55 excl. VAT

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