Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

OEM Integration

TWA Autoelectrics, Newport can upgrade your original OEM infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto or install an aftermarket head unit that already has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


Apple Carplay and Android Auto are a must for many people when looking for a new vehicle but not every vehicle has it.


There are two main options to consider when looking for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto upgrades:

  1. Replace the OEM infotainment with an aftermarket double din head unit.
  2. Install Apple CarPlay and Android Auto onto your current OEM infotainment screen through either activation or the addition of a system hidden behind the dash.


Is there a price difference? Well yes and no, depending on what aftermarket head unit you choose and the vehicle you want to install it is, there can be no difference in price.

  • Aftermarket double din head units range from approx. £350-£2000 dependant on choice.
  • OEM Integration usually ranges from approx. £700-£950 dependent on vehicle and options.


Head to our head units & stereo page to find out more!


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