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TWA Autoelectrics, Newport have built a 25 year old reputation as the #1 Auto electrical and diagnostic specialist in South Wales.


If you have a problem with your vehicle, it is most likely you will need a diagnostic assessment.


With most engine diagnostics a good technician will know that not all faults can be rectified by replacing the sensor/s indicated by a fault code read. More often than not we find that faults stored in an ECU can actually be triggered by a completely different part failing or even faulty wiring. At TWA we carry out in depth investigation and contact you for authority before replacing any parts or sensors, significantly reducing your repair bill.


It is important to remember that it is the combination of the skills and knowledge of the technician interpreting the information from the computer that will determine the quality and accuracy of any remedial work done!


TWA Autoelectrics undertake the diagnosis and repairs for the following faults and many more:

Diagnostic Assessment

£ 114
  • Includes Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Read
  • Includes 1 Hour Labour from our Expert Technicians

For all fault finding and diagnostic enquiries, please complete the form below:


As car manufacturers create ever more complex vehicles in which electrical systems communicate constantly with each other, the process of fault finding without the support of sophisticated equipment and manufacturers’ technical information is impossible. 


We have invested heavily in state of the art diagnostic equipment and have access to many main dealer tools/software, and technical information for all major vehicle manufacturers. This helps us to provide fast efficient error free fault location. As a result of this we carry out diagnostic work for many local garages and car sales outlets.


Our dealer level diagnostic systems are equipped with software specifically designed to give functionality equal to tools used by your main dealership. This simply means less time and cost to you as you receive dealership quality at our superb prices, but without the long wait often associated with main dealers. We also use genuine main dealer tools/software for major manufacturers.

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Transparent Pricing

At TWA we believe in being open about our pricing, that’s why we display our hourly labour rate below:

Retail – £66 inc. VAT

Trade – £55 excl. VAT

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