Shadow Immobiliser

  • The Shadow Immobiliser works exclusively with your mobile device or Driver Detection Card, utilising exclusive cloud-based systems and technology.
  • Covert system, installed and developed by industry experts and security specialists.
  • The Shadow Immobiliser offers distanced and immediate immobilisation – giving you ultimate control of your vehicle’s security and minimising the overall risk of theft or violent crime such as hijacking or breaking and entering.
  • Multi Car Use- a Driver Detection Card or App can be paired with multiple vehicles to allow convenient access to any number of vehicles.
  • If your vehicle is stolen, the Global Telemetrics team may be able to provide theft assistance using the device’s connected services*
  • Approved security protocols by Security Industry Authority (SIA), ISO 9001, ISO 27701 and ISO 27701 certified.
  • 12 month standard warranty with an option to extend.


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Intelligent App Or Card Controlled Immobilisation

The Shadow Immobiliser is the most convenient yet secure vehicle security solution available on the market. With many alternative methods of operation, the Shadow Immobiliser is the only product of this nature to offer a bespoke and convenient solution for your individual needs.


Don’t Compromise On Your Vehicle Security

The brand new Shadow Immobiliser is the first app-based immobiliser to be launched anywhere in the UK, offering an additional layer of security in order to protect your vehicle from theft. At a time where violent vehicle crime is increasing and thieves are becoming ever more innovative in their methods, the Shadow Immobiliser is the most secure method of protection for your vehicle, and the most convenient solution for the driver.

The Shadow Immobiliser system can prevent:

  • Potential loss of No Claims bonus
  • Time and expense of replacing your vehicle
  • Incorrect market value settlement
  • Loss of sentiment

With hot hatches, family cars, appreciating classic cars, luxury and commercial vehicles being targeted everyday by organised criminals, protect your vehicle from being stolen with a Shadow Immobiliser.


Commercial Use

With no ongoing fees and scheduled override times, the Shadow Immobiliser offers maximum security and ultimate convenience for larger fleets of vehicles. The Scheduled Override facility enables fleet managers to secure vehicles without the need to distribute Driver Detection Cards or App access. However, Each Driver Detection Card and App Account can be paired to multiple vehicles should this be preferred. Protect your fleet from theft, and unauthorised usage with a Shadow Immobiliser suitable for any vehicle.