SmarTrack 5+ iMOB – S5 GPS Tracker & Immobiliser

  • Thatcham S5 Security Certified TSC286.
  • Vehicle immobilised every time your ignition is switched off and deactivated via the Driver Detection Card.
  • Secure full fleet online account to view present and historical locations of your vehicle.
  • Battery tamper and low battery level alerts.


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The SmarTrack 5+ iMOB has been tested to the Thatcham S5 standard. The device operates using GPS/GLONASS, GPRS and GSM technology and has the added benefit of immobilisation to help protect your vehicle further. The immobilisation activates every time the vehicle’s ignition is switched off and disarms through the Driver Detection card or the D-iD app. With the internal battery backup, the device has the ability to remain operational even when the vehicle’s power supply is removed. In addition, the device monitors the battery voltage level, ignition status and detects if the correct person is driving the vehicle through the driver recognition system.


Product price includes installation. This product cannot be supplied without installation by TWA Autoelectrics Ltd.