SmarTrack uTrack – GPS Tracker inc. 1st Year Sub

  • Secure full fleet online account to view present and historical locations of your vehicle.
  • Reports – Information formatted within a selected chosen timeframe.
  • Multiple Geofence Technology – Use the online account or app to be notified should a vehicle enter or leave a chosen area on the map. Gefences can be created simply and either circular or polygonal.
  • Vehicle Battery Monitoring – Be notified on battery disconnections as well as low battery warnings.


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1st Year Subscription Included!



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The SmarTrack uTrack is a self-monitored solution available to individual users or fleet management teams to view their vehicle’s current and previous data at any time. So whether you require peace of mind that you can track your vehicle in the event of a theft or a simple to use yet efficient fleet management system, the uTrack is available as a cost-effective solution to your vehicle security requirements.


Product price includes installation and 1st year subscription. This product cannot be supplied without installation by TWA Autoelectrics Ltd.